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Hello I'm Cody Morales. I play bass in a very well known and popular internationally touring band KALEIDO !
I also design and create things from time to time. Some of which you may find useful or amusing. From Graphic adorn apparel to sound effect collections and beats or background music for commercial or private use.

About My Page


I create and design logos, shirt designs, restaurant menus, social media content, edit and restore photos and digital images. Also edit videos and I am currently operating a few small businesses Instagram accounts driving traffic from online to their storefronts here in Detroit.


I am well versed in audio editing and sound design. I can edit your podcast to professional quality, create intros and outros for your project (including "producer tags") or I can customize the lyrics of a particular song (for personal use only) for a special occasion. Also I can design sound effects for your social content or game design. As well as add audio (music or sound effects) to you videos


This is the inevitable portion of the modern musicians portfolio of production practices.

I can produce beats for your project whether it's for your lyrical content, social media content needs some new original music, your video game design or website videos need some spice. I can help. I love old school Hip-Hop (89-99) but can produce many styles when inspired.


...also visit me on Fiverr for your quick fixes