Here is some of what I do



  • Logic

  • ProTools

  • Soundbooth


Commercial Tacks:

  • Editorial Work

  • Voice Over Production

  • Music & Score Production

  • Sound Design Production

  • Commercials

  • Audio for Short films

  • Sound FX for Animations

  • Radio/web ads


Music Related Tasks:

  • Engineered Recording sessions

  • Mixed Albums

  • Mastered Albums

  • Sound Design and FX

  • Multi-Instramentalist


  • Premier

  • After Effects

  • Final Cut


Commercial Tasks:

  • Producing motion graphics content

  • Editing 

  • Filming

  • Branded Web Videos

  • Short Films

  • Commercials

  • Animations


Music Related Tasks:

  • Filmed Music Videos

  • Edited Music Videos

  • Syncing

  • Special Effects

  • Animated Typography


  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • Cinema 4D

  • Dreamweaver


Commercial Tasks:

  • Letterhead

  • Company copy layout

  • Branded Social Graphics

  • Website mock ups

  • Web Concierge

  • Web and Print ads


Music Related Tasks:

  • Fliers

  • Posters

  • Album Covers

  • Album Layouts

  • Branded Web Content

a perfect world

I am looking for a situation where I am able to work remotely on a workload of 3-5 tasks a week. These clients are preferably long term clients paying in a weekly manner on a bill of recurring services and creating of regular new content updates.

I'd be happy working at a firm or company that has a client base of needs and workload, however to date I've handled all my clients personally and enjoy that just as much.


I'm a quick learner, a great

collaborator and pretty easy going except for when it comes to that "needing to get it done" feeling. 



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